About Us

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Who are we?

Climb’O’Dachi is a climbing group in Singapore started out back in mid 2015 with a small bunch of friends whom shared the same interest in sport. In 2016, the group organised trips to places like Batu Caves, a popular natural rock climbing site in Selangor, Malaysia for the weekend. There, we experienced climbing on natural rock wall ranging from top rope climbing, to multi-pitching.

We are a small climbing community whom would like to inspire new climbers whom have no one to climb with to join us. Our group consists of working professionals from all walks of life, some started out as lone individuals and new into climbing, and now have consistently progressed ourselves to be more experienced climbers and a fun filled group.


What does Climb’O’Dachi means?

Climb’O’Dachi derives from the word ‘Climb’ and ‘Tomodachi’ which means ‘Friends’ in Japanese. We believe in a non competitive aspect of the sport by making friends and enable each climber to experience climbing to the highest extent possible. Our aim is to enrich climbing experience on both sport and natural wall without compromising safety.


Our Aim

We believe in constant training at climbing gyms as well as team workshops to learn and refresh skills in preparation for the more adventurous rock climb ahead.

Many of our climbers started out from top rope belaying (Level 1) and have consistently progressed to become multi-pitch trained for more adventurous climbs.

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