Frequently Asked Questions

Every gym venue charges us different rates for conducting our classes at their facility.
As such we only pass down a fraction of the cost difference to you as part of the course fee in order to have us at the gym you wished to sign up for.

We are a private training company conducting the courses using the various gyms as our venue.

Our instructors are very experienced climbers with tons of knowledge ready to share with you.

Plus our price comes with lots of post course benefits and resources.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the best training companies in Singapore!

Our lessons are structured to cater for wet weather activity. You can count on us in our lesson delivery as we have numerous classes held with inclement weather.

Yes! Our certificates are recognised by the IFSC on top of the national and regional climbing federations.

We welcome individuals who are turning 13 to take up the course, however the certificates will be withheld till you turn 13 as required by the climbing federation.

On top of that, climbing gyms require belayers to be 13 years of age to belay in their gym facilities.

In Climbodachi, we do not do verification on behalf of gyms. In order to do ABD verification you must

  1. Be at the gym you wish to be verified at.
  2. Have a gym staff to assess your climbing/belay competency.
  3. Sign off any required documents to attain the verification tag.

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