Restarting procedures for CLIMBODACHI from 1st November.

Updated 03rd October 2021

(a) Announcement

(a.i) Singapore will be on Stabilisation Phase for one month from Monday, 27th September to Sunday, 24th October 2021 to slow down community transmissions of the COVID-19 virus.

(a.ii) Climbodachi will be restarting classes from 1st November 2021 with newer safeguards to be set in place.

(b) Course resumption

(b.i) All classes for the month of November and December are now open for registration.

(b.ii) Participants are to ensure that they are fully vaccinated for the course.

(b.iii) Participants are to ensure their safety and well being to avoid being injuried from attending the course.

(b.iv) Course participants are not required to take ART self test before attending the course.

(c) Training team commitment

(c.i) Our instructors will self monitor via bi-weekly ART tests and/or ART test prior to the course weekend.
(c.ii) Should the instructor assigned tested positive for ART prior to the course weekend, a substitute instructor may take over.

(c.iii) Class cancellation would only be issued should all instructors are unavailable for the affected class. The class will be cancelled following our cancellation and refund procedures under our terms and conditions.

(c.iv) Climbodachi will abide with Government/SportsSG/SSCMF instructions to halt courses should the Covid situation worsens. Refer to Clause (d) for details.

(d) Refund Policy

(d.i) Climbodachi will honor our commitment to ensure our affected participants get to attend our courses.
(d.ii) Should any affected participants unable to find any slot by 31st December 2021, we will refund the course fees back from 1st January 2022. (email will be sent prior to refund to confirm refund details).
(d.iii) Affected participants may request for expedited refund. However we would only able to process in late 4th quarter 2021.

(e) Safe list / Not Spam

Our emails tend to end up in your junk/spam folder.
To ensure you do not miss out on your emails prior to the course, kindly save our email address to your safe list.

(g) Other Administrative Matters
(g.i) We seek your continued patience and understanding as this situation is beyond our control.
(g.ii) All team members of Climbodachi are working professionals by day and instructors on weekends. We are not a full time staff.
(g.iii) All administrative matters are being handled by our one and only course administrator. All enquiries will be delayed in reply.