CLIMBODACHI will cease operations temporarily from 22nd July – 18 August 2021 in accordance to the latest Phase 2 (Heighten Alert) measures.

Updated 21st July 2021

(a) Temporary closure of Climbodachi
(a.i) Climbodachi will cease online operations temporarily during the Phase 2HA. All communication to participants will be made via email to their registered email addresses.
(a.ii) Our Whatsapp hotline will be unmanned during this period.
(a.iii) All enquiries made via email will be delayed in reply.

(b) Closure of Gym Venues
(b.i) All indoor gym venues (malls/private gym spaces) are affected by the Phase 2HA. Hence Climbodachi will not be able to conduct classes for the stated period.
(b.ii) The Cliff @ Jurong, being an outdoor wall, is still operational. However, under the Phase 2HA and SportsSG guidelines, all sports/fitness coaching will be on a 1-1 basis (Instructor to Trainee). As such, it is impractical for our instructors to effectively conduct a proper belaying course with only one participant. (minimum of two participants is required)

Q: Can the instructor be the climber while the trainee trains with the instructor?
A: As a course dealing with heights, our instructors are required to be grounded and untethered from the climbing rope and wall for any intervention of wrongful practice/prevention from potential accidents made by the participants.

(c) Affected Participants
(c.i) Our Classes affected for the Phase 2HA are the ones within the stipulated period (16th May-13th June 2021) & (22nd July – 18th August 2021).
(c.ii) Affected participants will be required to rebook their slots once it is made available.
(c.iii) All other classes after 18th August 2021 will remain as-is, but may subject to time and venue changes. (Details will be made to participants via email when available)

(d) Refund Policy **Updated as of 21st July 2021**
(d.i) As this is the 2nd Phase 2HA (22nd July-18th August 2021) which is to last for four (4) weeks, Climbodachi will not be issuing any refunds at this time.
(d.ii) All our affected participants from both Phase 2HA (May-June) and (July-August) will be granted till 31st December 2021 to rebook their class or seek a substitution.
(d.iii) Refunds will be issued after 31st December 2021 for both affected batches should it remain unclaimed.

(d.iv) Kindly keep your invoicing email (Order Processed) for your records. Climbodachi will keep the dockets opened until the participant has rebooked / given a refund after the grace period.
(d.v) Climbodachi Refund Policy will be revised post Phase 2HA (July-August) should the situation within the community continues to worsen.


(e) Rebooking Procedures
(e.i) All affected participants will be required to rebook their class of choice by registering on (log in may require)
(e.ii) An email containing the rebooking procedures will be sent to your registered email when made available.
(e.iii) Ensure to put on your safe list in your registered email to prevent our mailers from ending up in your spam folder.
(e.iv) Booking of dates will remain on first book basis.

(f) Other Administrative Matters
(f.i) We seek your continued patience and understanding as this situation is beyond our control.
(f.ii) All team members of Climbodachi are working professionals by day and instructors on weekends. We are not a full time staff.
(f.iii) All administrative matters are being handled by our one and only course administrator. All enquiries during the Phase 2HA will be delayed in reply.
(f.iv) Course administrator will be negotiating and planning the team for reopening procedures post 18th August, your patience is greatly appreciated.