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The first step of becoming an instructor

The Instructor Training Course is designed to prepare participants to undertake a Sport Climbing Instructor certification assessment. The course teaches a range of skills necessary for the safe and effective conduct of Singapore National Climbing Standard (SNCS), sport climbing certification courses. It will also focus on the importance of achieving high instructional standards and consistency of instruction within the SNCS system.

Upon completion of this course, you will be a licensed Sport Climbing Instructor under Singapore Sport Climbing and Mountaineering Federation and Southeast Asia Climbing Federation. As instructors, you will be able to conduct and certify climbers under the SNCS certification courses.

The ITC Journey


SNCS Classes

  • 2023, 28-29 Jan, 5 Feb (Sat, Sun, Sun) – Completed
  • 2023, 20-21, 28 May (Sat,Sun,Sun) – Completed
  • 2024, 1st Quarter – Register Interest
  • 2024, 3rd Quarter, dates to be determined

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Trained Instructors (Organisations)


With a leap of faith, I signed myself up for the Instructor Training Course (ITC) with Climbodachi, and now that I have completed the course, I must say that the course is very well planned out, with good structured materials to guide your learning (Each of us was also issued with hardcopy notes in A3 ring file + stationary set).

Our instructors, Fahmi and Amir, were very generous in their knowledge sharing and the inputs of real scenarios made learning even more enjoyable. They asked challenging questions and had us put on our thinking cap to look for “out-of-the-box” solutions (ie no prusik; no carabiners). During the sessions, Fahmi set up his own tent and supplied ice-cold 100Plus for us – he quietly went the extra mile to make sure our learning environment was comfortable and conducive.

We were really thankful when Fahmi offered to conduct a “mentorship course” (at his own personal time) to share tips with us and provide insightful feedback on what to look out for as well as how to improve our “teaching” in future when conducting classes.

Fahmi and his Climbodachi team are really passionate about sharing the love of climbing in a safe manner, and I would highly recommend the ITC course to anyone who is considering.

#NoRegrets #MoneyWellSpent #ITC #PickedUpManyNewTips #Climbodachi

XX, Google Reviews

Glad to have learnt from Fahmi. He was Super comprehensive and a great mentor. Thanks!

Jared, Google Reviews