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Awesome Reviews from our Climbers

Completed the SCNS Level 1 Course today and the experience was great. Linda is an awesome trainer who knows her stuff and is quick to spot our mistakes.
T-Hall is cool too! Hope to be back for Level 2.
Oliver, Google Reviews
Had an awesome experience getting my Level 1 SNCS. Instructor shows excellect knowledge about climbing and equipment so that we find our best equipment in climbing for the future.
Would definitely go for their courses!! 10/10
Fadhil, Google Reviews

Went for SNCS Level 1 course with Climb’O’Dachi. The founders personally conducted the course and were really friendly and patient throughout 🙂

They were super kind in allowing us to try out their personal collection of assisted braking devices, which was really helpful for us in deciding which ABD to invest in (since they are quite pricey!!)

I don’t think other course providers offer this. Highly recommend!!!

Louisa, Google Reviews

I completed my SNCS Level 1 course with Climbodachi and it was a really awesome experience!

Before the course, I was always nervous about climbing in groups, especially with strangers, and that made me hesitate before signing up for the course. However, I had nothing to worry about!

My Climbodachi instructor Linda was instantly able to make us feel comfortable and the entire session felt cosy. Linda was extremely knowledgeable about climbing, including equipment, the climbing scene in Singapore and techniques to climb better. She was very generous in sharing her knowledge and answering our questions about anything related to climbing. The complimentary ABD course was very helpful as we were able to try out the range of ABD devices there were in the market and have a feel for which we would like to purchase in the future. At the end of the course, Linda also told us about Climbodachi-exclusive discounts for climbing equipment and gyms around Singapore!!

Overall, a really great course! 10/10 will recommend. Looking forward to taking my level 2 course with them in the future too 🙂

Audrey, Google Reviews

Had so much fun doing my Level 1 with Climbodachi! My instructor was Linda and she made the course so fun and engaging, with so many practical tips on equipment even. Can’t wait to do my Level 2 with Climbodachi again (((-:

Weiling, Google Reviews

Took my SNCS level 1 with them. It was a great choice, I came home safe, confident, knowledgeable and with good fun & experience.10/10 fully recommend. If you are considering them as your course provider, look forward to the extra module on assisted-braking belay device that they have towards the end of the syllabus and the welcome to climbing pack that you will receive upon completion of the course – both are exclusive to Climbodachi students. They also have excellent post-course bedside manner where they will attend to all of your climbing related enquiries efficiently with the answers that you need.

Munyra, Google Reviews

Patient and knowledgeable instructors, fun and full of hands on experience, and most importantly, being among friends who share the passion of climbing.

The instructors are not only attentive to the knowledge and skills required of each and every student, but are also attentive to the needs and well-being throughout the course. If it has to be outdoors, be prepared for a well stocked and equipped all-weather tent!

Highly recommended if you want to start your rock climbing journey!

Ryan, Google Reviews

Did my level 1 and came back 2 months later for level 2 with Climbodachi! Instructor Hadri made lessons enjoyable and safe, and he was very thorough with every student to make sure we were competent climbers and belayers before we could graduate. Will definitely recommend Climbodachi to anyone looking for a good SNCS course.

Celine, Google Reviews

I’ve been climbing for a year with a level 1 certification, mainly bouldering and doing top rope.

At the start of the course, I went in with big expectations and was prepared to play a more inquisitive role as a learner. I wanted to find out more about climbing lead and climbing outdoors in general and boy- our instructor Fahmi really hit the nail on the head.

Instructor Fahmi is an avid outdoor climber with a really big heart! He’s incredibly passionate about the sport and didn’t teach based on the syllabus (although he did cover everything) but focused on practicality of the skills a climber needed as an eventual lead certified climber.

TL;DR Join climbodachi if you want a wholesome learning experience for your level 2: lead climbing certification. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this isn’t for you.

Herman, Google Reviews

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