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Giving you the confidence to get started

Sport climbing level 1 in Singapore is a certification course for new climbers intending to take up climbing. The objective of this course is to give participants an enjoyable, safe and informative introduction to sport climbing.

Participants will be introduced to the various climbing equipment being used, climbing techniques, checking procedures, belaying for top-roping techniques and climbing calls.

This course is a requirement when belaying in Singapore climbing gyms. It is also recognised in climbing gyms around South East Asia, subject to their respective terms and conditions.

SNCS Level 1 is certified under Singapore Mountaineering Federation.

In This Course

Standard Level 1 Course Topics (excludes bonus Climbodachi Topics)


  • Introduction to climbing in Singapore

  • Learn the many variations of climbing

Climbing Equipment and Belaying

  • Correct usage of climbing equipment

  • Inspection and caring tips

  • 5 step belaying technique

Basic Climbing Technique

  • Use of different handholds

  • Use of different footholds

  • Basic wall configuration

Top Rope Climbing

  • Pre-climb checks

  • Climbing commands

  • Spotting

  • Safety precautions

ABD Verification (Not Conducted for Climbodachi Courses)

Q: What is Verification?
A: A skills test conducted by climbing gym staff before you are allowed to belay at the climbing gym.

Q: One verification for all climbing gyms?
A: Every climbing gym worldwide reserves the right to verify your skills. No verify, no belay. Its that simple.

Q: Does Climbodachi do verification?
A: Climbodachi do not conduct any verification on behalf of any gyms.

ABD Workshop (Conducted at end of course)

  • Climbodachi prepares you in using the Assisted Belay Device before attempting to take your own verification test.
  • Using various ABDs invested by Climbodachi, test belay and find the right device before you buy one! (Gri-Gri, Smart, Pilot, Megajul and more!)

Learn how to use it safely while saving money from buying the wrong device!

How are we different?

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Climbing Gym / Others


Required Certifications
  • No Experience Needed
  • 13 years of age
  • No Experience Needed
  • 13 years of age
  • Standard Level 1 Course
  • Standard Level 1 Course
  • Pro Tips and Topics (Only in Climbodachi)
  • Scenario Based Simulation (Only in Climbodachi)
  • ABD Belay Workshop (Only in Climbodachi)
  • From $65
  • $70-80 depending on venue
Post Course Benefits
  • SNCS Level 1 Certificate
  • SNCS Level 1 Certificate
  • Climbodachi Discount Vouchers
  • Climbodachi Membership – Some More Discounts!
  • Course Discount to Climbodachi SNCS Level 2


  • 23rd September (Sat) – SAFRA Yishun (Register on SAFRA app)^
  • 24th Septermber (Sun) – *Registration Closed*
  • 30th September (Sat) – The Cliff *Closing Soon*
  • 7th October (Sat) – The Cliff
  • 14th October (Sat) – SAFRA Yishun
  • 15th October (Sun) – The Cliff
  • 21st October (Sat) –
  • 28th October (Sat) – SAFRA Yishun
  • 11th November (Sat) – SAFRA Yishun (Register on SAFRA app)^
  • 25th November (Sat) – SAFRA Yishun (Register on SAFRA app)^
  • 9th December (Sat) – SAFRA Yishun (Register on SAFRA app)^

Dates are based on instructor/venue availability.

Slots updated: 20/09/2023

Courses under SAFRA Yishun is conducted by Climbodachi. For more information, refer to their website thru this link. (Click Here to lead to external website)
^Course registration for SAFRA Yishun venue is managed by SAFRA.


All our courses run independently from the climbing gym scheduled classes.
Registering with the climbing gym will not confirm placement into our classes.

All our courses have a registration deadline in order to complete the arrangements with our venue partners.
We are unable to accept any sign ups after registration closure.

To avoid disappointment, do sign up with us now!

Frequently Asked Questions for SNCS Sport Climbing Level 1 Courses

Every gym venue charges us different rates for conducting our classes at their facility.
As such we only pass down a fraction of the cost difference to you as part of the course fee in order to have us at the gym you wished to sign up for.

In Climbodachi, we value quality over quantity. As such our courses are backed by years of experience, research and development, even with our instructors doing “stunt” based scenarios to give the best quality course possible.

We take pride in imparting our highest safety standards to our climbers, ensuring not only will they be safe in our courses, but also to prepare them to overcome potential risks.

Our registration closes 1 weekend before the course to allow us to make the bookings and preparations.

Don’t hesitate, sign up first!

We do our very best to ensure the confirmation of each class. However there are occasions where we could not fulfill the minimum required participants to effectively run the class.

Want us to ensure confirmation of gym venue, register with us early!


Coaches are well experienced and provide real-life / practical advice and tips beyond just going through the course content.
Strongly recommend!
SK, Google Reviews
Had so much fun doing my Level 1 with Climbodachi! My instructor was Linda and she made the course so fun and engaging, with so many practical tips on equipment even.
Can’t wait to do my Level 2 with Climbodachi again (((-:
Weiling, Google Reviews
Did Level 1.
Nice of the instructor to tell even the minute details of the harness, belay device and shoes that you will usually not find easily online.
Also gave me tips on getting ready for level 2
Mike, Google Reviews
Completed the SCNS Level 1 Course today and the experience was great. Linda is an awesome trainer who knows her stuff and is quick to spot our mistakes.
T-Hall is cool too! Hope to be back for Level 2.
Oliver, Google Reviews
Had an awesome experience getting my Level 1 SNCS. Instructor shows excellect knowledge about climbing and equipment so that we find our best equipment in climbing for the future.
Would definitely go for their courses!! 10/10
Fadhil, Google Reviews

Went for SNCS Level 1 course with Climb’O’Dachi. The founders personally conducted the course and were really friendly and patient throughout :)

They were super kind in allowing us to try out their personal collection of assisted braking devices, which was really helpful for us in deciding which ABD to invest in (since they are quite pricey!!)

I don’t think other course providers offer this. Highly recommend!!!

Louisa, Google Reviews

I completed my SNCS Level 1 course with Climbodachi and it was a really awesome experience!

Before the course, I was always nervous about climbing in groups, especially with strangers, and that made me hesitate before signing up for the course. However, I had nothing to worry about!

My Climbodachi instructor Linda was instantly able to make us feel comfortable and the entire session felt cosy. Linda was extremely knowledgeable about climbing, including equipment, the climbing scene in Singapore and techniques to climb better. She was very generous in sharing her knowledge and answering our questions about anything related to climbing. The complimentary ABD course was very helpful as we were able to try out the range of ABD devices there were in the market and have a feel for which we would like to purchase in the future. At the end of the course, Linda also told us about Climbodachi-exclusive discounts for climbing equipment and gyms around Singapore!!

Overall, a really great course! 10/10 will recommend. Looking forward to taking my level 2 course with them in the future too :)

Audrey, Google Reviews

I signed up for the level 1 course. My instructor Hadri was very welcoming and friendly towards all of us even though we had varying levels of climbing experience. We could all feel the climbodachi family spirit!

Yu Teng, Google Reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed taking my SNCS level 1, very structured course w super friendly instructors who made the whole thing really fun & comfortable!

Nasyitah, Google Reviews

Our instructors, Linda and Fai, were great – they gave clear instructions to teach us what we had to know, and value-added to what was good to know. Glad I did my L1 with them. (:

Jason, Google Reviews

I am glad that I chose my SNCS Level 1 course certification with Climbodachi.

Despite being fearful of heights and falling, I managed to climb to the top of the wall with the guidance and patience with their instructors Ben and Azlinda.

We were encouraged to ask questions throughout the course and were frequently quizzed on our knowledge and techniques, which made the course more engaging and interactive.

I also noticed that the instructors identified and coached participants (one of them being me)who would benefit from more coaching and tips. This showed that I was in good hands.

The course-mates were awesome too. They made my Saturday really fun.

Course ended with a nice debrief where we were given discount vouchers for gym entries and gear purchases. These would really help new climbers to start out.

Thanks again Ben and Azlinda. Stay awesome Climbodachi .

Selva, Google Reviews

Attended the SNCS level 1 course and I’m thoroughly satisfied with the course. The instructors Jared and Linda were friendly, passionate and knowledgeable. Course was well paced and sufficient time was given to practice our belaying. Overall, a great experience with Climbodachi!

Lucas, Google Review

Attended the SNCS Level 1 course and enjoyed myself thoroughly! The course was well-paced with a good balance of theory and practical. Instructors Faizal and Azlinda were also very encouraging, patient and also forthcoming in sharing tips and know-hows with the participants. Would definitely recommend Climbodachi!

Felicia, Google Reviews

Chanced upon Climbodachi by chance and I was lucky I chose them! Instructor Faisal and his wife Linda were awesome, it wasn’t just that the instructions were professional, but could also sense their enthusiasm towards not just climbing but also sharing their knowledge with the participants. Felt really comfortable, taken care of and in good hands right from the start.

Joseph, Google Review

Strong focus on safe climbing and building confidence using the right gear (e.g. made several types of belaying devices available for us to try). Plenty of practical tricks and tips shared too which one obviously only learn from experience, showing the depth of knowledge of the instructors as climbers themselves!

Miemie, Google Reviews

I was searching for a place to complete my level 1 sports certification and im so glad i chanced upon climbodachi. My partner and i signed up for a sunday class and we were happy to have a 1-1 session with instructor linda and jared. Throughout the whole course, they made the learning environment very comfortable for us. They were very friendly and provided us with lots of additional information pertaining to climbing. They were professional in demonstration and explanation ensuring that we get a lot of hands on time during the course. In addition, they were super encouraging when i felt worried belaying someone who was heavier than me 😁.

Overall, i’d recommend anyone to take the level 1 with climbodachi because the instructors made us feel very welcomed and they were super super friendly the whole time :) Really Passionate peeps! Thank you linda and jared :)

Sarah, Google Reviews

My friend recommended me to experience and do my SNCS level 1 at climbodachi and indeed it was really worth coming. A big thank you to my good instructors Fai, Zikri and Linda. They were knowledgeable and really have good skills in giving us the right knowledge and safety skills to look for in climbing. My instructors were very friendly, assuring and encouraging to us to keep on trying when they pointed out our mistakes and letting us correct, practise and practise. They really were amazing!! Highly recommended for a beginner like me or to anyone who would like to be certified, you’re in good hands with climbodachi. Can’t wait to experience level 2 with them.

Mg Fernandez, Google Reviews

Instructions were detailed and instructor Fai was high-spirited and engaging. He was very encouraging too and gave us pro tips along the way. Most unexpected part was that there was actually some time dedicated to belaying with the ABD which was great as it gave us practical experience. Highly recommended level 1 course and I look forward to using the vouchers given to us!

Kazumi, Google Reviews

I took the SNCS level 1 course with Linda as my instructor and I had so much fun even though it was a small class! She was very knowledgeable and patient when teaching us. Will definitely come back for level 2 :)

Joshua, Google Reviews

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