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Experience the full aspect of sport climbing

Sport climbing level 2 is an advancement from the top-roping skills acquired from Level 1 and progresses into lead climbing on artificial climbing walls. Participants must be confident in BOTH climbing and belaying techniques as covered in Level 1 before taking on this course.

Participants will be introduced to the method of lead climbing, with the placement of protection points, to belaying a lead climber. Also, additional techniques such as top-out on a fixed anchor as well as proper checking methods, equipment handling and climbing calls.

This course is a requirement when doing lead climbing in Singapore climbing gyms. It is also recognised in climbing gyms around South East Asia, subject to their respective terms and conditions.

SNCS Sport Climbing Level 2 is certified under Singapore Sports Climbing and Mountaineering Federation.

In This Course
Standard Level 2 Course Topics (excludes bonus Climbodachi Topics)


  • Top-rope climbing vs Lead climbing

  • Placement of protection points

Climbing Equipment and Belaying

  • Equipment used for Lead climbing

  • Learn to be a dynamic belayer

  • Arresting a climber’s fall

Lead Climbing Technique

  • Climbing and clipping techniques

  • Undo incorrect clipping techniques

  • Safe falling position

Outdoor Climbing

  • Sport vs Natural Rock Walls

  • Learn to anchor at the end of the climb

  • Cleaning of route

  • Safety precautions

ABD Verification (Not Conducted for Climbodachi Courses)

Q: What is Verification?
A: A skills test conducted by climbing gym staff before you are allowed to lead climb and belay at the climbing gym.

Q: One verification for all climbing gyms?
A: Every climbing gym worldwide reserves the right to verify your skills. No verify, no lead climb. Its that simple.

Q: Does Climbodachi do verification?
A: Climbodachi do not conduct any verification on behalf of any gyms.

ABD Workshop (Conducted at end of course)

  • Climbodachi prepares you in using the Assisted Belay Device before attempting to take your own verification test.
  • Using various ABDs invested by Climbodachi, test belay and find the right device before you buy one! (Gri-Gri, Smart, Pilot, Megajul and more!)

Learn how to use it safely while saving money from buying the wrong device!

How are we different?

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  Climbing Gym / Others Climbodachi
Required Certifications
  • SNCS Sport Climbing Level 1
  • SNCS Sport Climbing Level 1,
  • SEACF Sport Climbing Level 1,
  • Climb Central / Ground Up or any local gym Belay Tag,
  • ANY Overseas Belay Certification, OR
  • ANY Overseas Belay Tag (assessed by climbing gym for competency)

    We are the ONLY known organisation that accepts various climbing certificates.

  • Standard Level 2 Course
  • Standard Level 2 Course
  • Pro Tips and Topics (Only in Climbodachi)
  • Analytical Skills (Only in Climbodachi)
  • Scenario Based Simulation (Only in Climbodachi)
  • ABD Lead Belay Workshop (Only in Climbodachi)
  • From $135
  • $140-160 depending on venue
Post Course Benefits
  • SNCS Level 2 Certificate
  • SNCS Level 2 Certificate
  • Climbodachi Discount Vouchers
  • Climbodachi Membership – Some More Discounts!
  • Course Discount to Climbodachi SNCS Level 3


SNCS Classes (Singapore)

  • 7-8th October (Sat-Sun) – The Cliff *Class Full*
  • 28-29th October (Sat-Sun) – The Cliff *Filling Fast*
  • 11-12th November (Sat-Sun) *Opening Soon*
  • 18-19th November (Sat-Sun) *Opening Soon*
  • 16-17th December (Sat-Sun) *Opening Soon*

Dates are based on instructor/venue availability.

Page Last Updated: 24/09/2023

Kindly prepare a soft copy of your climbing certificate or Belay tag to upload during registration.

You may also register first without certificate upload and email to us later!

Taking SNCS Level 1 before this course?
YES you can register your spot first!!!
Just send us your certificate upon completion.


All our courses run independently from the climbing gym scheduled classes.
Registering with the climbing gym will not confirm placement into our classes.

All our courses have a registration deadline in order to complete the arrangements with our venue partners.

We are unable to accept any sign ups after registration closure.

To avoid disappointment, do sign up with us now!

Frequently Asked Questions for SNCS Sport Climbing Level 2 Courses

Every gym venue charges us different rates for conducting our classes at their facility.
As such we only pass down a fraction of the cost difference to you as part of the course fee in order to have us at the gym you wished to sign up for.

In Climbodachi, we value quality over quantity. As such our courses are backed by years of experience, research and development, even with our instructors doing “stunt” based scenarios to give the best quality course possible.

We take pride in imparting our highest safety standards to our climbers, ensuring not only will they be safe in our courses, but also to prepare them to overcome potential risks.

Yes we accept Belay tags from gyms (Climb Central, The Rock School, etc) if you do not have a SNCS Level 1 certificate.

Yes! We accept belay certificates from climbing gyms! Don’t forget to attach them when registering.

(We have accepted certificates from US, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Malaysia’s Camp5, among many others!)

Yes you can! Do email us at a copy of your SNCS 1 Certificate (front and back) upon completion of the course for our records.
You don’t have to upload anything during registration. Just sign up!

Yes you can! You will be required to sign a declaration of competency before the course.

Our registration closes 1 weekend before the course to allow us to make the bookings and preparations.

Don’t hesitate, sign up first!

Yes you can! We still provide all the necessary equipment for you.

We do our very best to ensure the confirmation of each class. However there are occasions where the gym venue requests for our slot for a confirmed party.

Want us to ensure confirmation of gym venue, register with us early!


I’ve been climbing for a year with a level 1 certification, mainly bouldering and doing top rope.

At the start of the course, I went in with big expectations and was prepared to play a more inquisitive role as a learner. I wanted to find out more about climbing lead and climbing outdoors in general and boy- our instructor Fahmi really hit the nail on the head.

Instructor Fahmi is an avid outdoor climber with a really big heart! He’s incredibly passionate about the sport and didn’t teach based on the syllabus (although he did cover everything) but focused on practicality of the skills a climber needed as an eventual lead certified climber.

TL;DR Join climbodachi if you want a wholesome learning experience for your level 2: lead climbing certification. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this isn’t for you.

Herman, Google Reviews

Took a 2-day SNCS level 2 course by Hadri. The course was really engaging and I had a great experience.

Hadri is an awesome teacher who prioritises safety and imparted his knowledge to us with passion!

Jayden, Google Reviews

Great instructors with lots of practical tips.

So much fun in both Lv1 and Lv2.

Highly recommended!

Tom, Google Reviews

Did my level 1 and came back 2 months later for level 2 with Climbodachi!

Instructor Hadri made lessons enjoyable and safe, and he was very thorough with every student to make sure we were competent climbers and belayers before we could graduate.

Will definitely recommend Climbodachi to anyone looking for a good SNCS course.

Celine, Google Reviews

Fahmi is a very patient and experienced coach.

He will correct our mistakes patiently to secure safety, and he will also kindly take photos and videos for us to leave precious memory.

It was a very pleasant learning with Fahmi.

Strongly recommended.

Qingang, Google Reviews

Had a blast while taking my level 2 with Climbodachi!

Our instructor Fahmi is a dedicated and knowledgeable instructor who shares his personal experiences to reinforce safety dos and don’ts.

We were taken through each segment of the course with ample time to practice and clarify our doubts.

Furthermore, we could try out various ABDs to find out which ones suit our preferences before investing in one, which is quite a bonus.

Highly recommended!

Rui, Google Reviews

Got my sncs lvl2 with climbodachi. Great learning ground and instructor Mr. Fahmi, friendly and experienced person, alot sharing among d team members. Overall it was real FUN!

Salt, Google Reviews

It was a very chill session,

as Fahmi shared comprehensively and enthusiastically what we needed to know for both indoors and outdoors lead climbing, knowing most of us are interested to embark on the latter.

Very humble and willing to share more about his experiences as well, which helps me to anticipate more for my future climbs! I’m glad he also emphasised the need to maintain good climbing etiquettes.

Looking forward to climbing with climbodachi in the future. For the love of the rocks, nature, adrenaline of scaling the walls!

Gladys, Google Reviews

My friend recommended me to complete my level 2 with Climbodachi and I absolutely have no regrets!

My instructor Fahmi made our weekend session so fun and engaging. He was able to give in-depth answers to our many questions and gave us many different scenarios from his own personal experience to learn from.

We were also given so many different and practical tips to help on our journey as lead climbers :)

I experienced my first lead fall during this time and I’m so glad that we were taught this under supervision!

10/10 would recommend learning with climbodachi!!!

Jaime, Google Reviews

Took an SNCS level 2 course with them!

It was REALLY amazing! Fahmi and Ruby were extremely patient and clear in the teaching. We learnt skills for both indoors & outdoor lead climbing over the 2 days.

It wasn’t confusing at all because they made sure we were competent at the basics first before adding it. Fahmi stressed alot on safety and equipment inspection which I felt was important in climbing for a long long time.

Kudos to them! Hope to climb with climbodachi more in future!

David, Google Reviews

Climbodachi’s instructors are passionate and engaging.

You can see their experience and love for the sport through their teaching, and that translates into very valuable tips for the class. We were allowed space in the class to make mistakes and be safely corrected, so we didn’t just learn how to do things right but to correct wrong techniques.

Fahmi and Ruby also gave us a lot of extra content and they are very engaging and clear. Was anxious going into the class but it actually felt very smooth.

Thanks both!

Ashley, Google Reviews

Coached by Ruby & Fahmi for sncs level2 course.

For the quality of the course I couldn’t put it any other way but a solid 5 star.

The instructors were super friendly and attentive at the same time. As far as I can remember, there was not a single question that went unanswered throughout the course.

Fahmi also always made sure that everyone was taught on all the topics; so even if you missed out something due to not present when it was taught, he would nicely explain it one-on-one to you as well.

It was my first experience with Climbodachi & I had a great time with them.

Looking forward to the next time

Zheng, Google Reviews

Had a great weekend with Fahmi and Ruby for SNCS level 2 course!

Extremely informative and detailed. Would gladly come back for more courses!

Anton, Google Reviews

Thanks Fahmi and Ruby for the detailed explanation and demonstration throughout the level 2 course!

The explanation is comprehensive and also specific to the climber’s mistakes made during the climb practice. Always remind us on the best practice!

Would recommend to you who are interested to learn how to climb safely and properly.

Ling Cheuk, Google Reviews

Instructors were sharp, skilled & knowledgeable, and super engaging!

Instructors made learning fun & enjoyable, with adequate skills and knowledge passed on to us!

Would highly recommend attending classes with them :)

Melissa, Google Reviews

Completed my two days L2 with Climbodachi conducted by instructor Fahmi.

Course is very comprehensive covering not only on indoor gym setting but also outdoor climbing simulation. All practices and measures that were taught are centred heavily on SAFETY.

Instructor went the extra mile to explain the rationale and provide detailed analysis on key principles in lead climbing. Instructor was passionate and gave ample demonstration on the theory component as well.

We were also given lots of hands on practise to build up our confidence and additional resources were provided to deepen our understanding!

What is different from other L2 courses in the market is that they provide Assisted Braking Device (ABD) workshop where you get to try on various brands (very useful if you are still unsure which one to buy).

Climbing gear vouchers and partner discounts are also given after you passed the course (also very useful if you need to buy rope, quickdraws, ABDs, carabiners, shoes, harness, etc)!

Mei, Google Reviews

A great experience taking SNCS level 2 with two engaging and observant instructors Hardy and Ryan.

With their help, we enjoyed the time of climbing and got a lot useful knowledge.

Huijuan, Google Reviews

I took my SNCS Level 2 with Climbodachi and I’m really glad I did!

After taking the course, I found that it was important to stretch the course across 2 days, allowing climbers to make mistakes and gather feedback/comments from the instructor.

The instructor (Fahmi) was extremely professional, knowledgeable and prioritised safety over everything. Apart from the course curriculum, Fahmi taught us skills that would help us if we were to climb outdoors / overseas.

I would highly recommend Climbodachi for anyone who is considering taking up their L2!

Wendy, Google Reviews
Did a sncs lvl 2 with fahmi. Instructor was awesome.
It was a very interactive 2 day course. Instructor was very knowledgeable and shared real life experience and scenarios. He was very focused on safety aspect, regardless on how much your experience is.
Taking the course with him, you will definitely get more than what you bargain for. Stay safe and climb on.
Haziq, Facebook Reviews

Attended SCNS Level 2 with Climb’O’Dachi.

Fahmi is knowledgeable and is sincere with his advice. Throughout the course, he watches and facilitates our learning not just from him but from each other.

We were encouraged to ask questions, discuss safety and other climbing concerns.

I have only been climbing for 6 months and plans to try multi-pitch in the future, his input was invaluable.

Yingxi, Facebook Reviews

Fahmi is a friendly and knowledgeable instructor.

He covers a lot of information and skills on lead climbing in a safe environment, and his explanations are easy to understand. I completed the SNCS level 2 course under Fahmi and it was a great and fun experience.

Highly recommended to learn from him!

Geraldine, Facebook Reviews

I was level 2 certified this weekend and it was a great experience from start to finish!

The instructors made me feel safe with their knowledgeable feedbacks, and the environment was very welcoming. I’m glad I chose Climbodachi and would (and will) return!

Thank you so much Fahmi & team for teaching me to lead with confidence!

Alicia, Google Reviews

As someone with previous lead climbing experience looking to refresh and update to Singapore standards, Fahmi was the perfect guide and instructor with a keen eye for detail and safety without “burdening” us with all his knowledge of it wasn’t relevant.

Great balance of talking and doing, allowing us to learn everything we needed to!

Thx Fahmi!

Nathan, Google Reviews

Took SNCS level 2 with Charlena at T-hall. She was really patient and she could immediately recognise all the mistakes we made or were about to make. I feel confident that I’m adequately equipped with the knowledge I need to lead-climb safely thanks to her. Kudos!

Melvyn, Google Reviews

Charlena is such a good instructor! Guided us all the way and was very patient in teaching us the steps of L2 lead climbing. Glad to have her as our coach!

Ethan, Google Reviews

Had a great experience during my 2 day level 2 course with professional instructors Fahmi & Zikri over the weekend.

They are really patient, and the overall experience was positive, lighthearted and comfortable. They also take every opportunity to show us additional details related to lead climbing, like how to recover rope quickly or even exploring prism glasses or how the ohm feels like.

Thankful for the good vibes throughout and the experience, and my initial fear of taking a lead class was quickly overtaken by fun. (:

Claire, Google Reviews

Did my Level 2 with Fahmi and Zikri as instructors and it was an awesome experience! Everything was taught with good flow and the time was well-managed, the instructors were so friendly and patient and share their own experiences with us too! Definitely would recommend anyone to take their SNCS courses with Climbodachi!

Cera, Google Reviews

My wife and I did the lead climbing level 2 certification course with Fahmi over this weekend and it was a great experience.

Fahmi and his team were very generous with sharing their knowledge and committed to ensuring our safety was number one priority. Strongly recommended!

Alvin, Google Reviews

Ryan was a really reassuring and patient instructor for the SNCS Level 2 Course. He is very passionate about what he teaches and even the (supposedly dry) theory part was really interesting!

During the refresher lead climbs, practices for topping up and falls, Ryan was always very encouraging and this helped to build my confidence.

After the course, he also offered an array of ABDs for students to try and to guide us in using them. Highly recommend!

Shermine, Google Reviews

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