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Multi Pitch Climbing Course


Learn to safely perform a multi pitch climb

Sport climbing level 3 is designed as a follow on from the Sport Climbing Course Level 2 and Abseiling Level 1 or equivalent. This course builds on Lead Climbing Skills to advanced rope skills for safe anchor construction and rope management from suspended belay positions. Participants on this course should be confident in all the techniques covered at Level Two before undertaking this more advanced level course.

Participants will be introduced to various equipment and knots being used, new belaying techniques, anchor set up, changing over of roles from leader to a seconder and vice versa, and abseiling.

SNCS Level 3 is certified under Singapore Mountaineering Federation.

What will you learn?

  • Know about the climbing equipment being used.

  • Top down belaying technique

  • *Bonus* Post Course refresher/training prior to travel/first MP climb.

  • *Bonus* E-Learning Resource (currently in development)

  • *Bonus* Join Team Climbodachi on an overseas climbing trip and take a guided MP climb with your instructor! *A Climbodachi Graduation Climb!!!*

In This Course


  • Lead climbing vs Multi-pitch climbing

  • Artificial climbing wall vs Natural rocks

  • Types of protection points

Climbing Equipment and Belaying

  • Different types of climbing ropes and its uses

  • Accessory cords/Prusiks

  • Anchor building equipment

  • Top-down belaying technique

Multi-Pitch Climbing

  • Leading and seconding – change over of roles

  • Setting up anchors and its criteria

  • Housekeeping


  • Rig up for abseil upon completion of climb

  • Abseil with using of backup systems

  • Rescue techniques


SNCS Classes

  • 2nd-3rd or 16-17th December 2023 (Sat-Sun) – The Cliff *Tentative* (interested? contact Climbodachi now)

This class is only conducted by Fahmi

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Out of all the instructors that I have the privilege to be instructed under, Fahmi stands out.

The willingness to impart real life experiences into the lesson material and to go further than the minimum course material requirements is a testament to, not only his instructorship, his commitment to the highest levels of rock climbing safety and building community.

As a experienced outdoor climber, he brings a level of experience that is hard to find in an indoor setting. Coupled with his amazing ability to break that down for beginners to easily understand, he is highly recommended for anyone that is interested in learning rock climbing.

Yueming, Facebook Reviews

CLIMBODACHI did a splendid job on conducting the SNCS Level 1 to 3 for me! I have graduated form their course from level 1 to 3 successfully.

The CLIMBODACHI trainers are all proficient, competent and knowledgeable on climbing techniques, equipments and as well as climbing gym locations. The team organised the class superbly – from class organisation to equipment layout – it was all well organised and laid out. The teaching and training environment was never once left messy with equipments lying around. The equipments used for the course are all well taken care of and maintained. I can vouch for this as I took all 3 levels with them. I can confidently mention all this as I am a trainer/teacher of 4 years myself.

The courses are conducted both outdoor and indoor. The team never fail to ensure that the students have a conducive learning environment. The knowledge that they have are vast – gym climb, indoor climb and natural climb, they have knowledge and personal experience to back it up too. The team also focus strongly on the point of safety during the whole course period. They will ensure that the students adopt safe habits when climbing and also to stop the training if there is a safety breach. I can say this because I was once stopped for not orientating the ATC properly and my climber was already climbing a quarter up the wall. The trainers will ensure that the student is safe before they can progress. Any safety breaches, the trainers will pause the training, rectify, educate and continue the training.

They also ensure the students are hydrated well especially outdoor sessions. Instructor Fahmi will have drinking water ready and accessible for the students whenever they need to hydrate. Best part, water is chilled in an igloo box #outstanding

I love how they interact with the students with a welcoming and friendly approach as the sport itself requires one to be brave and not afraid of heights. Shoutout to Instructor Linda for always ensuring the students are safe and comfortable throughout the duration of the course. Time to time she will do a check on the students too.

The team really portray their brand CLIMBODACHI which means Climb with Friends. I believe not only myself but the rest of the students had safe, fun and fruitful experience during the course. Would highly recommend to others who wish to take up SNCS Climbing course with CIMBODACHI. So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP WITH THEM!

I wish CLIMBODACHI all the best in the future and may you stay awesome always!

PS: Upon graduating the students will receive “Good Stuff” which will assist them greatly in their climb. You will love it cause all of us did :D

Faisal, Google Reviews

Patient and knowledgeable instructors, fun and full of hands on experience, and most importantly, being among friends who share the passion of climbing.

The instructors are not only attentive to the knowledge and skills required of each and every student, but are also attentive to the needs and well-being throughout the course. If it has to be outdoors, be prepared for a well stocked and equipped all-weather tent!

Highly recommended if you want to start your rock climbing journey!

Ryan, Google Reviews