Singapore National Climbing Standard

Lead Climbing Course


Experience the full aspect of sport climbing

Sport climbing level 2 is an advancement from the top-roping skills acquired from Level 1 and progresses into lead climbing on artificial climbing walls. Participants must be confident in BOTH climbing and belaying techniques as covered in Level 1 before taking on this course.

Participants will be introduced to the method of lead climbing, with the placement of protection points, to belaying a lead climber. Also, additional techniques such as top-out on a fixed anchor as well as proper checking methods, equipment handling and climbing calls.

This course is a requirement when doing lead climbing in Singapore climbing gyms. It is also recognised in climbing gyms around South East Asia, subject to their respective terms and conditions.

SNCS Level 2 is certified under Singapore Mountaineering Federation.

What will you learn?

  • How to lead up the wall confidently

  • Lead belaying technique

  • *Bonus* Learn to use various ABD belay devices

In This Course


  • Top-rope climbing vs Lead climbing

  • Placement of protection points

Climbing Equipment and Belaying

  • Equipment used for Lead climbing

  • Learn to be a dynamic belayer

  • Arresting a climber’s fall

Lead Climbing Technique

  • Climbing and clipping techniques

  • Undo incorrect clipping techniques

  • Safe falling position

Outdoor Climbing

  • Sport vs Natural Rock Walls

  • Learn to anchor at the end of the climb

  • Cleaning of route

  • Safety precautions


SNCS Classes

  • 24-25th October (Sat-Sun) –, Instructor: Hardy (Class Full!)
  • 14-15nd November (Sat-Sun) –, Instructor: Hardy
  • 21-22nd November (Sat-Sun) –, Instructor: Fahmi

SEACS Classes

  • No dates at this time


I took my SNCS Level 2 with Climbodachi and I’m really glad I did! After taking the course, I found that it was important to stretch the course across 2 days, allowing climbers to make mistakes and gather feedback/comments from the instructor. The instructor (Fahmi) was extremely professional, knowledgeable and prioritised safety over everything. Apart from the course curriculum, Fahmi taught us skills that would help us if we were to climb outdoors / overseas.

I would highly recommend Climbodachi for anyone who is considering taking up their L2!

Wendy, Google Reviews
Did a sncs lvl 2 with fahmi. Instructor was awesome. It was a very interactive 2 day course. Instructor was very knowleageable and shared real life experience and scenarios. He was very focused on safety aspect, regardless on how much your experience is. Taking the course with him, you will definitely get more than what you bargain for. Stay safe and climb on.
Haziq, Facebook Reviews

Attended SCNS Level 2 with Climb’O’Dachi. Fahmi is knowledgeable and is sincere with his advice. Throughout the course, he watches and facilitates our learning not just from him but from each other.

We were encouraged to ask questions, discuss safety and other climbing concerns.

I have only been climbing for 6 months and plans to try multi-pitch in the future, his input was invaluable.

Yingxi, Facebook Reviews

Fahmi is a friendly and knowledgeable instructor. He covers a lot of information and skills on lead climbing in a safe environment, and his explanations are easy to understand. I completed the SNCS level 2 course under Fahmi and it was a great and fun experience, highly recommended to learn from him!

Geraldine, Facebook Reviews
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