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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

(a) Company Introduction
(a.i) Climbodachi LLP (“Climbodachi”) is a climbing community whereby our licensed sport climbing instructor(s) are engaged on their off-working hours from their respective jobs to provide you valuable training.
(a.ii) Climbodachi LLP is an entity by itself and does not own or operate any gym facilities. Any courses to be held at any gym facility or venue would be arranged and booked by Climbodachi.
(a.iii) Climbodachi LLP on occasion, organise climbing trips/experience/expeditions outside of the Republic of Singapore (“Singapore”) for climbers. Participants involved in such activities will be made aware and acknowledge by waiver that Climbodachi LLP is not a licensed travel agency under Singapore Tourism Board. All arrangements, including but not limited to travel, accommodation, gym entries, and insurance are to be made by each attending participant with no payment or commission to Climbodachi LLP.
(a.iv) All instructors within Climbodachi are licensed instructors accredited by the Singapore Sports Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, and the Southeast Asia Climbing Federation.

(b) Agreement to Terms and Conditions for Courses
(b.i) Participants registering for courses on Climbodachi website (“”) will automatically be abide by the terms and conditions in its entirely set forth by Climbodachi without any form of signature consent.

The following are the contents of the Terms and Conditions
(c) Course Registration
(d) Sport/Rock Climbing/Abseiling Information
(e) Climbing/Belay Competencies
(f) Participant Safety Declaration
(g) Participant Health Declaration
(h) Payment and Course Placement
(j) Rescheduling of Course by Participant
(k) Refund of Course Fee by Climbodachi
(l) Pre-Course Preparation and Participant Wellbeing
(m) Substitution of Participant
(n) Course Confirmation Procedures
(o) Other Course Information
(p) Media Release
(q) Friends of Climbdachi Membership
(r) Others

(c) Course Registration
(c.i) Participants are to register for the course of their choice as listed on website.
(c.ii) Participants are to provide accurate information as required during registering including but not limited to (“Name”), (“Phone Number”), (“e-mail address”), (“Date of Birth”), (“NRIC/Passport number”).
(c.iii) “Date of Birth” as requested is to proof the age of participant for the course. Climbodachi will not be accepting any person not of age for the course.
(c.iv) “Date of Birth” is also required for Climbodachi during its submission of certification details to the Singapore Sport Climbing and Mountaineering Federation.
(c.v) “NRIC/Passport number” will be required by Climbodachi to be noted on the climbing certificate. Participants are to provide a partial of their “NRIC/Passport numbers” under the Personal Data Protection Act set forth by the Singapore government.
( Climbodachi will omit out any sensitive information from its database such as (full “NRIC/Passport numbers”), (“billing/shipping address” for course registration) as such details are not required by Climbodachi.
(c.v) Climbodachi will only request “billing/shipping address” for mailed orders or for mailing of course related material post course date.

(d) Sport/Rock Climbing/Abseiling Information
(d.i) Sport, Rock Climbing and Abseiling are potentially high-risk sports. Risks may involve falling at height of self or onto other climbers, crashing into walls or other obstacles, being hit by dropped items, rope entanglement, burns or abrasions and equipment failures that could lead to injuries or even death due to improper climbing and/or abseiling practices, and/or negligence of climbers.
(d.ii) The risks stated above may not include all the possible risks in relation to climbing, abseiling, or being at heights which may also resulted in injury, illness or death to self or others.
(d.iii) Participants are to be aware and acknowledge of all such risks and agree to be liable for his/her actions in the sport during and even after the course.

(e) Climbing/Belay Competencies
(e.i) Climbodachi has enforced strict guidelines to ensure the safety of the participants for all the climbing and abseiling courses.
(e.ii) For advance climbing courses (SNCS Sport Climbing Level 2, SNCS Sport Climbing Level 3), participants are to be physically competent by being able to climb a Grade 6A (French Climbing Standard) and proficient in belaying skills.
(e.iii) For advance abseiling courses (SNAS Abseiling Proficiency Level 2), climbers are to be physically competent by being able to climb a Grade 6A (French Climbing Standard).
(e.iv) Participants are required to submit their proof of climbing/belaying competency (SNCS Sport Climbing Level 1, SNCS Sport Climbing Level 2, SNAS Abseiling Proficiency Level 1) when registering for advance courses.
(e.v) Climbodachi is able to accept Climbing Gym Belay tags from established climbing gyms with proper testing/verification procedures, Climbing Certifications issued by established climbing gyms outside of Singapore, for registration to the advance courses should they do not have the certification as stated in section (e.iv).
( Participants with prior experiences but without any form of proof as stated in (e.iv) and (e.v) are to declare upon registration, whereby will be required to sign a waiver indicating their skills. Climbodachi instructors will be made known, of which will be scrutinising their climbing/belaying skills during the course for any form of incompetency.
(e.vii) Climbodachi and its instructors reserved the right to dismiss any participant from the course should they show signs of incompetence and/or putting others at risk and/or harm, of which will also forfeit their course fee.
(e.viii) Climbodachi reserve the right to reject any registration without any certification or declaration for all advance courses. Any paid registration will be refunded as per Refund policy in paragraph (k).

(f) Participant Safety Declaration
(f.i) Climbodachi and the selected climbing gym venue will take every care to minimize the risks as stated in section (d). Participants should be aware and accept these risks and be responsible for his/her own actions and involvement.
(f.ii) All participants undergoing training will be guided and supervised by our instructor(s) and should not perform any climbs on their own during the course without the consent and presence of their instructor(s).
(f.iii) Climbodachi and the climbing gym will not be held responsible for any form of damage to gym property, climbing equipment, participant injury, illness or death due to negligence of his/her actions.
(f.iv) Participants acknowledge and agree not to held Climbodachi, climbing gym and its instructor(s) responsible for any property and/or equipment damage, accidents that resulted in injury or death of self or others due to his/her own actions and to be solely be held accountable.
(f.v) Participants who does not possess the required skillsets as stated on section (e.ii) and (e.iii) may be asked to leave the course in order to safeguard the safety of himself/herself, and other participants of the class.

(g) Participant Health Declaration
(g.i) By registering for the course, participant have declared that he/she is fit to attend the course.
(g.ii) Participants must inform our instructor(s) of any pre-existing medical condition or feeling unwell that may have bearing on his/her abilities to climb/belay safely.

(h) Payment and Course Placement
(h.i) By registering for the course, participant placement will only be confirmed upon confirmation of payment via PayNow, PayLah or Bank Transfer.
(h.ii) Participants are required to complete the payment within (2) calendar days from the date of registration.
(h.iii) Upon registration, an e-mail will automatically be sent to the participant with the placement status as follows,
(h.iii.1) "On-Hold" indicates that the registration have been received and placement reserved pending completion of payment.
(h.iii.2) "Processing" indicates that payment have been received by Climbodachi and that the course placement has been confirmed.
(h.iii.3) "Completed" indicates that the course has been concluded and the order has been closed.
(h.iii.4) "Cancelled" indicates that the course placement has been forfeited by the request of the participant or by the Course Administrator of Climbodachi after email notice for payment after 48 hours from registration date have been issued. The slot will be released back for public booking without notice to the participant.

(j) Rescheduling of Course by Participant
(j.i) Participants are allowed (1) rescheduling without fees should they are unable to attend for their course.
(j.ii) To be eligible for rescheduling, participants must inform the Course Administrator by emailing to before the “Course Confirmation” email is released on the week of the course (Monday night for weekend courses, (5) days for weekday courses).
(j.iii) For any subsequent rescheduling, a fee of $30 per day of course for rescheduling applies.
(j.iv) For rescheduling request after the release of the “Course Confirmation” email, rescheduling fee applies.
(j.v) Participants may reschedule their course by signing up of their preferred date at the website. A log in to their account prior to booking their course may require.
( Participants may wait for new course dates which have not been published by informing the Course Administrator before the start of the original course date.
(j.vii) Participants will forfeit their course fees without notice should they have not rescheduled their course or update with Course Administrator (1) month after the original course date has elapsed.

(k) Refund of Course Fee by Climbodachi
(k.i) Climbodachi will to the very best of their abilities fill the classes to the minimum allowable capacity.
(k.ii) In event of insufficient participants to safely run the course, a "Course Cancellation" notice will be enforced by the course administrator to the affected participants via their registered e-mail addresses.
(k.iii) Participants will be offered a rescheduling without fee to a date of their choice as stated in paragraph (h).
(k.iv) Participants will also be offered a full refund of the course fee upon receiving a Course Cancellation notice of the course.
(k.v) Should participants have not decided amongst the two options stated on sections (k.iii) and (k.iv), Climbodachi will refund the course fee by default via PayNow to the registered number of the participant.
( For processing of course fee refund, Climbodachi will e-mail the registered participants to declare their PayNow account particulars such as (PayNow account name) and (registered phone number) for security verification before the release of the funds.
(k.vii) Climbodachi will make attempts for (1) month from the cancelled course date to contact the affected participant to declare their PayNow particulars stated in (
(k.viii) Participants failed to confirm the refund notice “(1) month from cancelled course date” and providing Climbodachi with the requested information as stated in section ( will deemed as forfeiting their course fee and no contest will be entertained.
(k.ix) No refunds will be issued for participant cancellations or due to no-show on their course date regardless of any reasons (e.g. Stay Home Notice “SHN” / COVID / Medical Certificate “MC” / medical / work / family matters / etc.) Rescheduling terms under paragraph (j) applies.

(l) Pre-Course Preparation and Participant Wellbeing
(l.i) Participants are to ensure that prior to the course date, they are not to sustain any form of injury that would render their participation in the course.
(l.ii) Participants who are injured or unwell prior to the course are to immediately inform the Course Administrator to withdraw from the course. Rescheduling terms under paragraph (j) applies
(l.iii) A valid medical certificate (“MC”) is required to waive off rescheduling fees prior to the course date.
(l.iv) Participants who are absent from class without prior notice (less than (2) days before class) or without valid MC before or on the course day, will be charged with an administrative fee of $30 for each day of course for rescheduling.
(l.v) As COVID been declared by the Singapore government as endemic, participants may withdraw from the course should they have been contracted with the virus for the safety of others.
( COVID positive participants are eligible for waiver of rescheduling fees by submitting a photo of the positive test result, accompanied with a photo ID (with NRIC, barcode or any sensitive information omitted from the photo), and a timestamp of the photo (example: handphone lock screen showing time and date) for proof. Clinical visitation and documentation need not require.
(l.vii) Rescheduling terms stated in paragraph (j) will apply.

(m) Substitution of Participant
(m.i) In event where participant may not be able to attend the course. Participant may substitute with another person to take their place in the course.
(m.ii) Substitute must possessed the requirements of the course and must be approved by the Course Administrator.
(m.iii) Substitute must agree and adhere to the terms and conditions stated here in its entirety upon taking their place.

(n) Course Confirmation Procedures
(n.i) Climbodachi will release the Course Confirmation notification to all registered participant e-mail addresses by the end of Monday, week of the course (for weekend courses), or (5) days for weekday courses.
(n.ii) Climbodachi does not guarantee that our e-mails would end up in the participant Spam or Junk folders of their e-mail accounts.
(n.iii) Climbodachi must not be held responsible should participant not receive any notification e-mails and choose not to inform the Course Administrator for the information.
(n.iv) Instructions within the Course Confirmation e-mail must be followed including the signing of climbing gym waivers for first time visits, and/or downloading and registering of climbing gym apps on their mobile phones.

(o) Other Course Information
(o.i) Participants are to arrive (15) minutes prior to the start of the course.
(o.ii) Participants whom are delayed are to contact their instructor or Climbodachi hotline.
(o.iii) Participant will be deemed as absent after (1) hour from commencement of course and sections (k.ix) will apply.
(o.iv) In event of adverse weather for outdoor venues, course will still proceed unless otherwise stated by instructor or Course Administrator on day of course.
(o.v) Climbodachi may declare course postponement due to adverse weather should it persist for least half of the course duration and rescheduling will apply for affected participants.
( Refunds will not be released on account of adverse weather and when course have commenced.

(p) Media Release
(p.i) Climbodachi takes photos and videos on all its courses, climbing outings and climbing trips.
(p.ii) All media taken by Climbodachi will be released to participants and Climbodachi social media outlets and website.
(p.iii) All members and participants are to be aware that photos and videos would be captured by a member of Climbodachi and would appear on its social media outlets and website.
(p.iv) Climbodachi will take into account every possibility to ensure the media being published maintains the integrity and dignity of the brand and their participants and/or members.
(p.v) Climbodachi reserve the right to use any media taken or released by participant or member to Climbodachi for social media, advertising and any media related opportunities.
( Release of media from participants and/or members to Climbodachi can come in form of media sharing in messaging apps or other means, to any instructor of Climbodachi.

(q) Friends of Climbodachi Membership
(q.i) Friends of Climbodachi (“FOC”) is an exclusive membership scheme which is only made available to course participants and invited guests.
(q.ii) The FOC membership is non-transferable and its privileges are tied to the card holder only.
(q.iii) Members are to produce their electronic membership card which can be obtained online at Members Portal when claiming offers or benefits from Climbodachi list of Community Partners.
(q.iv) Members are to abide by the respective climbing gym/pro shops/service provider policies and not to commit any abusive or unlawful acts against the establishment and its staff.
(q.v) Members may screenshot their membership electronic card for faster proof of membership to the Community Partners. Screenshot must include the word “Member” to the timestamp.
( Community Partners are aware and reserve the right to demand members to produce updated timestamp of the membership card from the Members Portal.
(q.v) Community Partners are aware and reserve the right to reject membership card based on outdated timestamp.
( Expired members will be locked out of the Members Portal and will not be able to retrieve their electronic membership card.
(q.vii) Any form of abusive or unlawful acts may by members will result in suspension or termination of the membership scheme which includes revoked access to the Members Portal.
(q.viii) Climbodachi reserves all rights in its decision to investigate and act against any member where necessary.

(r) Others
(r.i) Climbodachi reserves the right to add/remove/change any of these conditions at any point of time.