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Only for those sign up for SNCS Level 2 & 3 courses

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Terms & Conditions

Climbodachi is a climbing community whereby our licensed instructor(s) are engaged on their off-working hours to provide you valuable training.

(a) Sport Information
(a.i) Climbing is a potentially high-risk sport. Risks may involve falling of self or other climbers, crashing into walls or other obstacles, being hit by dropped items, rope entanglement, burns or abrasions and equipment failures that could lead to injuries or even death due to improper climbing practices and negligence of climbers.
(a.ii) The risks stated above may not include all the possible risks in relation to climbing or being at heights which may also resulted in injury, illness or death to self or others.
(a.iii) Participants are aware of all such risks and agree to be liable for his/her actions in the sport during and after the course.
(a.iv) For SNCS Level 2 and Level 3 courses, due to the higher risks involved, participants must be fully competent in Climbing Grade 6A, and proficient in belaying skills.

(b) Participant Safety Declaration
(b.i) Climbodachi and the selected climbing gym venue will take every care to minimize these risks. Participants should be aware and accept these risks and be responsible for his/her own actions and involvement.
(b.ii) All participants undergoing training will be guided and supervised by our instructor(s) and should not perform any climbs on their own during the course.
(b.iii) Climbodachi and the climbing gym will not be held responsible for any form of damage to gym property, climbing equipment, participant injury, illness or death due to negligence of his/her actions.
(b.iv) Participants acknowledge and agree not to held Climbodachi, climbing gym and its instructor(s) responsible for any property and/or equipment damage, accidents that resulted in injury or death of self or others due to his/her own actions and to be solely be held accountable.
(b.v) Participants who does not posses the required skillsets as stated on section (a.iv) may be asked to leave the course in order to safeguard the safety of himself/herself, and other participants of the class.

(c) Participant Health Declaration
(i) By registering for the course, participant have declared that he/she is fit to attend the course.
(ii) Participants must inform our instructor(s) of any pre-existing medical condition or feeling unwell that may have bearing on his/her abilities to climb/belay safely.

(d) Payment and Attendance
(d.i) Course placement will only be confirmed upon confirmation of payment via PayNow or Bank Transfer.
(d.ii) Participants are required to complete the payment within (7) calendar days of registration if course date is within (10) calendar days from the date of registration.
(d.iii) Registration may be forfeited to the next person in waiting should the payment not received after the stated grace period.
(d.iv) No refunds for participant cancellations or due to no-show regardless of any reasons (e.g. medical / work / family matters / etc.)
(d.v) Participants whom are unable to attend are given an option for a substitute, given the substitute pre-requisites are met and their particulars (Name/NRIC/Contact no/Email) are sent to ‘’ at least 2 days before commencement of course.

(e) Course Information
(e.i) In event of bad weather for outdoor training, Climbodachi will hold the course till the weather passes, else a postponement of the course to another date.
(e.ii) In event of insufficient participants, participants will be given an option to select another date available or receive a full refund.
(e.iv) Participants are to arrive 15 minutes before class commences.

(f) Media Release
(f.i) Participants should be aware that photos and videos may be taken during the course for class sharing, course review and marketing purposes for Climbodachi on various social media outlets.

(g) Friends of Climbodachi Membership
(g.i) Friends of Climbodachi (FOC) Membership scheme is currently open to course participants and invited parties.
(g.ii) The FOC membership is non-transferable and its privileges are tied to the card holder only.
(g.iii) Members are to produce their electronic membership card which can be found online at the Members Portal when claiming offers from Climbodachi’s list of Community Partners.
(g.iv) All members are to abide by the respective climbing gym/pro shops/service provider policies and not to commit any abusive or unlawful acts against the establishment and its staff.
(g.v) Any form of abusive or unlawful acts may result in suspension or termination of the membership scheme which includes revoked access to the Members Portal.
( Climbodachi reserves all rights in its decision to act against any member where necessary.  

(h) Others
(h.i) Climbodachi reserves the right to change these conditions at any point of time.