SNCS Sport Climbing Level 3 Course

Sport Climbing Level 3

Multi Pitch Climbing

Have you watched those videos on outdoor climbing, or movies on famous climbers taking on natural walls of such great heights? Do you see yourself being able to do such a climb somewhere in the world? Well now you can with level three!

The Sport Climbing Level 3 course teaches you from setting anchors during your climbs, to doing direct or indirect belaying for your partner. Not to mention learning to abseil at the end of your climb and also knowing what to do should your partner be injured during a climb.

Multi-Pitch Climbing is an extensive knowledge based course whereby you will learn several knots, techniques and procedures in order to achieve your first successful big wall climb out there in the world.

In order to join for this course, you must possess both Sport Climbing Level 1 and 2 certifications, and proficient in your climbing and belaying techniques.

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 About Sport Climbing Level 3?

Sport climbing level 3 is designed as a follow on from the Sport Climbing Course Level 2 and Abseiling Level 1 or equivalent. This course builds on Lead Climbing Skills to advanced rope skills for safe anchor construction and rope management from suspended belay positions. Participants on this course should be confident in all the techniques covered at Level Two before undertaking this more advanced level course.

Participants will be introduced to various equipment and knots being used, new belaying techniques, anchor set up, changing over of roles from leader to a seconder and vice versa, and abseiling.

SNCS Level 3 is certified under Singapore Mountaineering Federation.

In this course


  • Multi-pitch climbing
  • Artificial Climbing Wall vs Natural Rocks
  • Types of protection points

Climbing Equipment

  • Different types of climbing ropes
  • Accessory cords/Prusiks
  • Quickdraws
  • Slings
  • Various belay devices

Knots & Hitches

  • Double Fig of 8 with double bight
  • Friction knots
  • Overhand knot
  • Clove hitch
  • Italian hitch

Anchor System

  • Criteria for anchor placement
  • Types of anchors

Multi-Pitch Climb

  • Leading and seconding – changeover roles
  • Setting up anchors
  • Direct/Indirect belaying techniques


  • Abseil with backup (auto-block)
  • Counter-balance abseil with partner
  • Stack abseil

“Out of all the instructors that I have the privilege to be instructed under, Fahmi stands out.
The willingness to impart real life experiences into the lesson material and to go further than the minimum course material requirements is a testament to, not only his instructorship, his commitment to the highest levels of rock climbing safety and building community.
As a experienced outdoor climber, he brings a level of experience that is hard to find in an indoor setting. Coupled with his amazing ability to break that down for beginners to easily understand, he is highly recommended for anyone that is interested in learning rock climbing.”

– Review extracted from Facebook Page



  • Completion and acquired BOTH Sport Climbing Level 1 and 2 certification.
  • Abseiling Level 1 need not require.


  • 2 Days of 7 hours (inclusive of lunch break)


  • The Cliff @ Snow City

Things to bring

  1. Attire: Minimum 3/4 pants
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Towel
  4. Climbing Harness and shoes

Course Fee


*Offer Ends 30th September

  • includes equipment, administration and certification

Payment Methods

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. PayNow

Details will be given upon registration

Upcoming Courses

  • 24-25th October (Sat/Sun) – The Cliff @ Snow City (2 Slots Left!!!)
  • 21-22nd November (Sat/Sun) – The Cliff @ Snow City (New Class)

    Overseas SNCS Classes
  • No classes at this time.

Minimum: 2 persons to start class | Max: 4 persons per class.